5 Reasons A Third-Grade Teacher Loves Her Study Safe Personal Partitions

Third-grade math and science teacher Amber Johnson almost gave up hope on securing personal partitions for her Lake Wales, Florida, classroom. The Hillcrest Elementary School instructor had been on the hunt for three weeks with no luck and wasn’t sure how she was going to accommodate her 19 students.

Then Johnson came across a Facebook ad for Clean Space Project’s Study Safe Personal Partition, which she couldn’t be happier with. Here are five reasons she loves the product.

1. The 24-inch, front-facing barrier conveniently folds up and snaps closed into a compact 12-by-18-inch rectangle that weighs just one pound.

Johnson, who has been teaching for three years, says all of the products she came across while shopping online were incredibly bulky and would be difficult to store in her 900-square-foot classroom. “I love the little snaps, that everything is foldable,” she says. “I have a daughter going to kindergarten, and I might buy her one. It would fit in her backpack.”

2. The Study Safe has a handle that allows students to carry the partition with them throughout the school day and then home when class is dismissed to minimize contamination.

“The little hand cutout is neat because some teachers might want the partition to go with each child as they switch classes,” she says. “I have a morning group and an afternoon group, so I’m going to keep mine in the classroom. But some students might have multiple classes, so their parents might want to buy one for them to feel protected throughout the day.”

3. Priced at just $9.29 for one, the Study Safe is a more affordable personal partition than other similar products on the market. Special teacher pricing is also available.

I wanted something economical. Most of the other products were expensive—in the $40 range per item. Everything was also on backorder until mid-September, and I had parents coming in,” says Johnson.

4. The product isn’t distracting to students—and gives their parents peace of mind.

Before Johnson’s Study Safe Personal Partitions arrived in the mail, she hosted parents for orientation in her classroom. There, she put up testing shields wrapped with contact paper up on the desks as placeholders for where the products would be.

“They were so black and dingy, and you couldn’t see the board,” she says. “I told them I had something cool coming. When I received the partitions, I took a picture of the set up in my classroom and parents were blown away. I think they’re the least abrasive-looking thing out there and aren’t obtrusive to teaching at all.”

Additionally, Velcro can easily be added to desktops and to the inside of the partitions to hold the product in place during usage.

5. The Study Safe Personal Partitions ship quickly and arrive in high-quality packaging.

    Johnson, who worked for 10 years as a data analyst and sales and marketing assistant manager before becoming a teacher, was impressed that every partition came individually packaged and wrapped in a protective film. “The packaging was so sleek and clean,” she says. “And everything arrived in a little box. It’s a quality product through and through.”

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