13KGHT53 Study Safe Desktop Sneeze Guards – Clean Space Project

Durable and lightweight, Study Safe Portable Personal Partitions are foldable and portable with a handle for carrying. Perfect for students, teachers, or office workers.

Portable sneeze guard on top of a student desk in classroom
Top view of clear desktop sneeze guard
four panel transparent desktop sneeze guard partition
Side view of desktop sneeze guard with carry handle and snaps
Desktop sneeze guard with dimensions and cord cut out
Two children wearing masks using the Study Safe Desktop Sneeze Guard
Children demonstrate social distancing with Study Safe Portable Desktop Sneeze Guards

Study Safe Desktop Sneeze Guards

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Study Safe Personal Partitions
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Study Safe Personal Partitions are portable sneeze guards that act as physical barriers for desks and tables. They are a PPE (personal protection equipment) solution designed to make any setting safer.

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Decreases germ spread
  • Helps with social distancing
  • See-through
  • Lightweight, Portable, Durable
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Easy Assembly
  • Easily folds for transport

The partitions are a portable, physical barrier that will fit most desks and tabletops. They measure 24” across and 18” tall and 12” deep, but fold up for travel and are lightweight.

Our sneeze guard partitions make it easy to help keep the spread of germs from person to person at bay. They can increase safety while providing the opportunity to keep businesses and schools functioning as normally as possible. This PPE is a cost-effective solution to give that added layer of protection for truly any setting.

Because our sneeze guard is made of polypropylene it makes it easy to take with you and easy to clean and disinfect between uses. There are convenient handles for carrying and the acrylic panels will withstand normal wear and tear. The acrylic panels are also see-through. The sneeze guards are clear with no blockages but do have cut-outs to accommodate charging cords.

Keep education uninterrupted and safer with added protection for students and teachers. These sneeze guards are an ideal solution for schools. It allows both teachers and students to maintain social distance without blocking either one’s view. Therapists love them too for their ability to see patients in person. The partitions allow them to give their best appointments possible while maintaining a safe distance between them and their patients. Use them at workstations, desks, tables, registers, or any other setting to keep social distancing between two people.

Their dimensions give an added two feet to any tabletop. This allows for the height of a person while the other party is sitting. Plus, with eighteen inches down either side, the desk becomes enclosed protection from the sides as well.

You also don’t have to wait to get your partition. The Study Safe Desktop Sneeze Guards ships the next day for free and can be shipped anywhere. We also offer discounts for bulk orders, schools, and nonprofits.

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