About Clean Space Project

  • WHAT & WHY

    Clean Space Project (CSP) was founded by four lifelong friends (the Team) to provide unique and affordable solutions to the new set of challenges presented by the COVID pandemic.


    Create a company that prioritizes service and empathy over all else. Our goal is to provide affordable and efficient products to help mitigate health risks for all.

  • Chuck Holcomb

    CEO & Founder


    18+ years of company & brand development, digital marketing, consumer goods, software, and the cannabis/hemp industry.

  • Ben Metzker

    President & Co-Founder

    15+ years in ownership, operations and business development in Digital Marketing, Software, Consulting, Manufacturing and Production of CBD from Hemp and Ecommerce.

    • Smith Marketing
    • School Specialty Inc
    • Connecting the Dots LLC
    • National Business Furniture
    • Douglas Stewart Company
    • School Outlet
    • The Library Store


• If you’re looking for bulk purchases (we can likely discount them for you) •
• If you’re a school or non-profit (we offer discounts for you as well) •
• If you’re having trouble sourcing PPE-related products that are difficult to find (we can likely find them for you) •
• If you have questions about our existing product line (we’re happy to answer them) •

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THANK YOU & STAY SAFE! The Clean Space Project Team