Disinfecting protocols

This is what we do in restaurants. You can apply these techniques to your home or business.
Completely clean the space every night or morning before guests have access. Wipe every surface with cleaning solution. Sweep and mop. Make the place sparkle.

We start the day by using the Forehead Thermometers on every staff member.

After setting up but before opening we put on a mask and walk through our entire space with our Misting Foggers filled with 64:1 CP-64 dilution. We have a bucket or jug pre-mixed and refill the fogger from it. We cover every single surface including under tables, lights, doors and, of course, the bathrooms. It does not take long, about 5 minutes per 1,000 square foot. We also hit the condiments, expo, kitchen. We are careful to not mist our glassware, utensils, or plates. We use UV-C on those.

While this is happening another staff member is using the UV-C light sticks to disinfect every menu, glass, and any side plates etc that are in the front of the house.

We alternate tables to seat, and when they have all been sat once, we close that part of the restaurant to fog it again. Of course, we have been cleaning as usual, so this only takes a few minutes. Ten minutes later we are back open. CP-64 is safe on clothes and skin, so even if it has not 100% dissipated it is still safe for guests.

We fog the bathrooms every 20 minutes or so. Yes, it is a hassle, but it is better than wiping every surface every 20 minutes, which is nearly impossible.

The CP-64 has a fresh lemon scent. It smells clean, and we like that. It leaves no residue.

All day long we are using our UV-C sticks on menus and other touch points, and the boxes for cash and phones and whatnot.


scrub the space

use thermometers on staff

Fog the space using the CSP Misting Fogger kit

Use UV-C light sticks and boxes on menu and smaller articles

Fog the bathrooms often

Fog the public spaces frequently during the day

Clean the space and start over the next day