13KGHT53 Anasphere Plus Hospital Grade Disinfectant Concentrate - 1 Quart – Clean Space Project

Anasphere Plus all-in-one Disinfectant, Fungicide, Mildewstat and Virucide is EPA-approved to kill more than 140 pathogens including Human Coronavirus.

Anasphere Plus Hospital Grade Disinfectant Germicide Concentrate

Anasphere Plus Hospital Grade Disinfectant Concentrate - 1 Quart

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Anasphere Plus™ is an approved virucidal disinfectant concentrate for the Human Coronavirus. It is a fungicide, viricide, mildew stat, and a strong disinfectant. This hospital-grade disinfectant works by attaching itself to the cell membrane. It then destroys it. 

Anasphere Plus™ offers the best science the world has to offer. Anasphere Plus™ is a hospital-grade virucidal disinfectant concentrate that is effective against most pathogens currently affecting the world. The virucidal disinfectant is registered with the EPA and boasts over 140 kill claims for emerging viral pathogens. This includes but isn’t limited to: 

  • Coronavirus/COVID-19
  • Influenza (all strains)
  • MRSA
  • NoroVirus
  • Herpes Simplex type 1 & 2 virus
  • Measles Virus
  • HIV-1 (AIDS Virus)
  • Hepatitis B&C Virus 

The Anasphere Plus™ is engineered to be positively charged. This allows the product to attach to the negatively charged outer cell walls of microbial pathogens. This ultimately inactivates the cells.

This hospital-grade disinfectant product is perfect for schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. It is great for high-traffic businesses and places where people have sensitive immune systems, like a healthcare facility. Added to your existing cleaning regimen it can help with infection control.

Because Anasphere Plus™ is a concentrate, it is a cost-effective solution for any company, business, school, or hospital. Each gallon of concentrate covers 800 - 1,000 square feet with an average dilution rate of two ounces per gallon of water. It has a mild, pleasant odor and is clear in color.  

There are lots of ways that you can apply the virucidal agent. Companies can use foggers, pump sprayers, airless sprayers, spray bottles, and rags, or mops and buckets. Use it to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces like glass, stainless steel, glazed ceramic, glazed porcelain, sealed terrazzo, sealed terra cotta, vinyl, or chrome.  Treated surfaces need to remain wet for 10 minutes and then dry to be disinfected. 

To use as a fungicide, create the same two ounces per gallon of the water solution and then leave again for ten minutes on the surface to treat. As a virucide, you need to use the solution on an inanimate, non-porous surface. Depending on which virus you are trying to kill depends on how long you need to leave the solution on. For a virus like HIV, it can be effective in as little as thirty seconds. However, some other viruses may need up to thirty minutes for the virucide to take effect. 

Like any strong disinfectant store in a cool, dry place. Also, keep out of the reach of children. Avoid eye and skin contact. Lastly, follow the MSDS sheet and instructions when using it. We can email the MSDS sheet upon request. 

For large quantity ordering, contact us directly. We offer bulk pricing and discounts for schools and nonprofit organizations.

Facilities for Use:


  • Hospitals, nursing homes, medical and dental offices and clinics, physician offices, operating rooms, isolation wards, and medical research facilities. 
  • Patient care rooms & facilities, recovery (rooms), anesthesia, Emergency Rooms, X-ray cat labs, newborn nurseries, orthopedics, whirlpool surfaces, footbath surfaces, respiratory therapy, surgicenter, labs, blood collection rooms, central supply, housekeeping & janitorial rooms
  • EMS & fire facilities, emergency vehicles, ambulance(s), ambulance equipment/surfaces, police cars. 
  • Daycare centers and nurseries, sick rooms. 
  • Acute care institutions, alternate care institutions, home healthcare institutions. 
  • Lifecare retirement communities. 
  • Supermarkets, convenience stores, retail and wholesale establishments, department stores, shopping malls, gift shops, video stores, bookstores, dressing rooms and laundries, photocopy centers, bicycle shops, auto repair centers.
  • Computer manufacturing sites, toy factories. 
  • Crime scenes and funeral homes, mortuaries, burial vaults, mausoleums, autopsy rooms. 
  • Police stations, courthouses, correctional facilities, jails, prisons, municipal government buildings, penitentiaries, correctional institutions, bus stations, train stations.
  • Institutional facilities, laboratories, factories, business, and office buildings, restrooms, hotels and motels, and transportation terminals.
  • Public restrooms, public facilities, waysides, travel rest areas, shower rooms, shower stalls, bathrooms.
  • Hotel, motels, dormitories. 
  • Homes (households). 
  • Institutions, schools and colleges, churches, classrooms, community colleges, universities, athletic facilities, and locker rooms, exercise rooms, exercise facilities, gyms, gymnasiums. 
  • Cosmetic manufacturing facilities, medical device manufacturing facilities, biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.
  • Health clubs, spas, tanning spas, tanning beds, footbath surfaces, massage/facial salons, hair/nail/pedicure salons, barber/beauty shops, salons. 
  • Museums, art galleries, post offices, performance/theater centers, banks, libraries, movie houses, bowling alleys. 
  • Recycling centers. 
  • Humidifier water tanks. (Not for use in California)
  • Campgrounds, playgrounds, recreational facilities, picnic facilities, sports arenas, sports complexes.
  • Tobacco plant premise. 
  • Veterinary clinics, animal life science laboratories, kennels, dog/cat animal kennels, breeding and grooming establishments, pet animal quarters, zoos, pet shops, tack shops, and other animal care facilities.
  • Household and automotive garages, boats, ships, barges, campers, trailers, mobile homes, cars, trucks, buses, trains, taxis, and airplanes. 
  • Cruise lines, airline terminals, airports, shipping terminals, public transportation. 
  • Commercial florist and flower shops. 
  • Basements, cellars, bedrooms, attics, living rooms, and porches.

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