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Disinfect using our light-weight design backpack which allows you to spray and operate effortlessly with a touch of wireless remote control. Each backpack bladder holds 2 Liters of the solution and comes with 1 extra bladder. The variable speed pump system has an output of 170 PSI that sprays the solution on your intended surface. An 18-inch wand allows for easy coverage in hard to reach areas.

USE LESS SOLUTION: Uses up to 65% less product than a trigger style spray bottle.

DISINFECT EFFICIENTLY: The BDS can cover 3 X’s more area than a spray bottle. Decreases labor times and risk of injury from repetitive trigger use.

MORE COVERAGE: The steady spray of the system covers 4-5000 square feet per bladder fill allowing coverage of more surface area quickly, evenly and efficiently.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Empty, the backpack weighs 16 ounces filled with 2 Liters (~2 quarts) of solution, the entire system weighs under 6 lbs.

MOBILE: Battery operated system. Battery lasts between 5-10 hours depending on selected pump speed. No cords, canisters or bulky equipment to handle.

COMFORT: The backpack was designed for runners and hikers and is fully adjustable for comfort.

WIRELESS REMOTE: Variable speed remote for easy on/ off and spray density control.

STAINLESS STEEL WAND: the 18” stainless steel wand allows extended reach above cabinets, partitions and around fixtures.

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