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For larger quantities, please inquire at sales@cleanspaceproject.com
Manufacturing certification reports are available. MSDS emailed upon request.
Available for purchase per student, classroom, school, or district.
  • Durable, lightweight, affordable.
  • Designed to stay with the owner throughout their day.
  • Convenient handles allow easy transport.
  • 24” adjustable front-facing width fits most desks and tables.
  • Fold and snaps closed to 12 “ wide.
  • Easy to disinfect.
  • Designed by the dad of a five-year-old who wants to start kindergarten.
  • Patent Pending.
  • PLEASE NOTE that Desk Privacy Panels ONLY work with Study Safe Personal Partitions
  • One Privacy Panel covers 1/4 of the Personal Partition. Two Privacy Panels will cover both side panels of the Partition.


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